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Divorce can be emotionally and legally complex. Prettyman Law, founded by divorce lawyer Anna Prettyman in Eagan, offers dedicated and comprehensive family law services to clients in the Twin Cities metro area. With over 15 years of experience, founder Anna Prettyman embodies the perfect blend of tenacity and empathy.

As a divorce lawyer, she is committed to being a caring advocate for you and your family’s needs while also standing firm as a formidable opponent when the situation demands it. Professional, empathetic and unflappable, Anna Prettyman helps you set clear legal goals and maps out a tailored strategy to achieve them.

What Can You Expect During A Minnesota Divorce?

Every case is unique, with its own set of challenges and expectations. Knowing what lies ahead is crucial. Attorney Anna Prettyman works closely with her clients to make sure they understand and know what to expect throughout every phase of the process.

In the state of Minnesota, a divorce case is called a dissolution of marriage and it can be uncontested or contested. In an uncontested divorce, both parties reach an agreement without the court’s intervention. In a contested divorce, parties disagree on one or more of the essential issues and need assistance to finalize their divorce. In general, the more the parties can cooperate, the faster the process can go. On average, the divorce process from start to finish takes about a year.

In a Minnesota divorce, one party will serve a Summons and Petition of Dissolution for Marriage on the other. This is the first official step that begins the court process. Even if the parties agree, this step has to be initiated by one of the parties. The other party will provide their response. Throughout the next several steps, the parties will attempt to negotiate and resolve any of their contested issues. If they can agree on everything, they will submit their agreement to the court. If they cannot agree, they will proceed to trial. At the end of it all, the judge will issue a Judgment and Decree to dissolve the marriage and spell out the terms of the divorce.

Negotiating A Settlement: Mediation And Collaborative Divorce

Divorcing spouses have two viable paths toward reaching an amicable settlement. The first is divorce mediation. Mediation allows couples to reach a settlement on their contested issues with the help of a neutral third party. Mediation is typically a choice that leads to less stress and lower costs. Founding family law attorney Anna Prettyman is a Rule 114 Qualified Neutral and serves as a mediator. She also advocates for her own clients in mediation.

The second option is a collaborative divorce. In a collaborative divorce, both parties commit to resolving their differences outside of court. Lawyers trained in collaborative law, like attorney Anna Prettyman, facilitate the process. Both options foster a cooperative atmosphere, potentially laying the groundwork for a respectful post-divorce relationship.

Navigating A High Net Worth Divorce

When couples have been married for a long time, or have substantial wealth and assets, there can be unique issues involved in their divorce. A high net worth divorce often involves complex financial considerations, such as:

  • The division of real property like a marital home and vacation homes
  • The division of substantial financial assets and wealth, and possibly an assessment and valuation of a business
  • The division of retirement funds and pension plans
  • Issues relating to alimony or spousal maintenance
  • Issues with respect to child custody, visitation and support of the children

High-stakes situations call for discretion, innovation and experience. Attorney Anna Prettyman is adept at handling the unique challenges of your high net asset divorce, ensuring that your assets and future are protected.

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